Tubal Reversal Baby Unassisted Home Birth

On January 18, 1999 I had a tubal reversal, by Dr. Levin of Louisville, KY. What a combination - the best doctor in the world and the Great Physician, enabling a total healing in my body. Six days later, Susanna was conceived. The pregnancy did not start out very well. There was the healing from the surgery and I was exposed to a horrible case of the flu. Once I was over that, morning sickness started - something I never experienced to such extent in my past pregnancies (back in the old days!). Maybe old age has something to do with it! Or more likely, a lesson in humility. Before the morning sickness ended, came another bout with some virus.  The second trimester was wonderful. No sickness, no swelling or water retention. Plenty of energy - well, as much as could be expected for someone who hadn't been pregnant in 13 years! The third trimester brought exhaustion and the threat of preterm labor. A couple weeks were spent in bed, until we knew it would be safe for the baby to be born. We expected it to happen early, but God's timing is always perfect. Labor started at midnight on a Monday morning. Contractions were every 3 to 5 minutes for 12 hours. From that point on, it slowed down. Tuesday evening it picked back up. By about 8:30 pm we were pretty sure that was going to be the night. At 9, contractions became regular. I took warm baths to get more comfortable but didn't want to have the baby in the water. I got out of the tub while dh G. set things up in the living room. At this point, the contractions were coming one right on top of the other and I had a hard time making it to the living room. I stopped twice and G. coaxed me to continue on. I finally made it and dropped down by the couch. On my knees, I faced the couch and rested into the cushions (if you can call it rest). We aren't exactly sure of the time, but hard labor didn't last all that long.  G. coached me on amidst prayers being lifted up by us both. Praise music was playing in the background. At one point, I asked G. what he said and he replied, rather huffily!, that he was praying. Shortly after that, G. said the baby had crowned. He went to my side to offer me encouragement. I told him he better get back because the baby was coming. G. moved to his place. Out came the baby's head, and the rest of her along with it, in one push. It was an awesome moment. The baby screamed as soon as she hit her Daddy's hands, at which point Daddy named her - and the world must have heard the praising that was going on. Daddy handed Susanna to mommy and whooped and hollered some more, while S., J. and R. came to meet their new little sister. While waiting for the cord to quit pulsating, G. went outside to enjoy a well deserved cigarette (well, a bubblegum cigar would have been better, but...) that was moistened with tears of joy. After the cord was cut, we waited for the rest of the placenta to be delivered. We later realized that all of the placenta was out; it was just the membrane that was left. But not knowing for sure, G. decided to have a midwife come check things out. So, by Tuesday around 3:00 pm, that was finally dealt with. The midwife was wonderful. We were truly blessed to have her, as our state is not midwife friendly, and she was really going out on a limb coming here without even knowing us. She is truly a credit to her profession. As someone who does not generally go to doctors, I felt so tremendously blessed by the health care professionals the LORD led me to. God was fully in control of this pregnancy and at our house through it all. Yet, there are no words to describe how strongly we felt His presence while He was bringing Susanna into the world. To Him belongs all the glory. -Wendy