Sixth Baby, Second UC – 11 lb Girl!

Saturday Jan. 30th I wake up in a really bad mood because I didn't go into labor. Finally I buck up and dh T., the kids and I decide to go get groceries. I figure it can't hurt and maybe this outing will be enough to start contractions. We get home and I keep pushing myself to get things done, like laundry and dishes. I kinda felt this might be it but didn't want to be disappointed. Finally about 9:30, I finish the dishes and decide to iron some of T.'s clothes. At 10:30 I'm tired and no contractions so I go to bed. T. is on the computer. At about 11:30 I have a contraction that I have to get up for. ( I never could lay down and have a contraction, I don't know how they do it in the hospital.)  Anyway, T. comes to bed and I tell him not to get comfortable because I think this is it. He falls asleep anyway! I walk around the house and try to figure out how far along I might be. The contractions weren't strong and they weren't consistent, about 5 to 8 min. apart. I hadn't lost my mucous plug yet so I figured it'd be a long while yet. ( About 12:50 a.m. is when I put up the post) I wake T. up and tell I need his encouragement. He gets up and rubs my back and helps get supplies ready. Still no mucous and we figure that my cervix is not opening much, so T. suggests I take a bath. I climb in not sure what position I want to be in. I'm on all fours and a major contraction hits, breaking my water. This gets me really excited because I know it won't be much longer for me. After another big contraction I get out of the bath and T. helps me to the bed. We have a shower curtain on the bed and some covering on the floor. I kneel down beside the bed and just rest there. I pray for a break and the Lord gives it to me. It seems my contractions have slowed down, but still very strong. I practically sleep between them. We have lost track of time at this point. I feel I could push if I wanted but tell T. I'm going to breath through them for a while. I can feel the head move down and know I need to push. T. has been putting oil and hot compresses on me between contractions (they feel really nice). I bear down and hold as long as I can. Lots of burning!!! So, I decide to wait a little longer before pushing. I feel the head go back up a little. Wanting to get this over with, I ask the Lord for His strength because I knew I couldn't do it. After this I push and I feel the head. I'm supporting the front and T. is supporting the back. I just bear down and it finally comes out. Breath, breath, breath and a big push and she slides out!!! T. and baby are behind me so I can't see as I am resting my head on the bed. The cord is wrapped around her head twice and T. gently slips it off. Then he tells me it's a girl and passes the baby between my legs and I turn around and sit on the bed, holding my precious daughter. I can't believe how big she is. I tell T. she must be 11 pounds. He says no way. I start to nurse her and here comes the placenta. With that done I sit back and start to nurse as T. starts to clean up. We wait a while to cut the cord. For a 42 week baby, she is quite covered in vernix and there was plenty of fluid! T. cuts the cord and I decide to rinse off, but I will not do this alone again, I will wait until T. can help me. We have a hand held shower so I stand in the tub and rinse down my legs and all. As soon as I turn off the water I get bad shakes, I hurry to the room and climb in bed and cover up. T. lays beside me and holds me. They subside and I am ok. It was kind of scary and I got the shakes with my last birth but I was in bed and it wasn't so strong. Anyway, I try nursing again and she does a little. After some clean up, we lay down for a quick nap knowing the other kids will be up soon. I forgot to mention that she was born at 3:45 a.m.  It was very nice to climb in bed with our newborn and rest and be together as it should be. The kids get up about 7:30 and are surprised to see the new baby!!! After they all make it in the room we weigh her and she weighs 11 lbs. and 4 oz. What a miracle. I believe I didn't tear because I just did what my body wanted, not pushing much and just breathing through the contractions. Her head was 14½ inches. Well, we are all having a great time adjusting this week and are in awe at the miracle of birth and the bond that we have. I have some swelling but I am recovering nicely! Praise the Lord for another UC!!!