Quick Labor – Older Child Caught the Baby

Third unassisted home birth, after one hospital birth of twins. This being my third home birth, I wasn't worried about where the baby would be born, and if the other children would be present. My twin daughters are thirteen, they were allowed to watch, but my two sons went to their aunt's house.

The contractions started about midnight Monday night. They weren't very strong so I just went back to bed. Then I woke up the next morning about seven. And they really were about the same, so I got up on my usual routine; I made the kid's breakfast, and put on a pot of coffee for dh M., and made a cup of Earl Grey Tea for myself. M. wanted to stay home from work that day, but I decided that since the contractions were mild that he should go to work, but before he left he check to see how dilated I was. It turned out that I was hardly 2 cm. but M. decided that he should stay home anyway, just in case.

It was good that he did!! As soon as the contractions started to get closer and closer, and the contractions longer and longer (about 11:00am), we decided that we better have J. come and pick up D. and S. (J. is the aunt).  M. went and got the supplies for the birth ready, and he started to fill up the jacuzzi with warm water, so that it would be ready.

I decided to go to the third floor and watch some t.v. (I took the elevator), when the twins came wandering in asking when was the baby going to be born. That's when the contractions started to get really hard. The twins were scared out of their minds when I told them that I was going to have to push. The pressure was almost unbearable on my pelvic bone. It felt like it was breaking in half!!

I started to scream for M., but it was too late, I was squatted holding on to the couch, when the head started to crown. E. caught the head, it was hard to imagine that all I had to do was one more push, and my baby would be born, so I pushed with all my might, and out slid baby M. It was the most incredible thing to look into my baby's eyes and realize that I just brought him into the world, it's an incredible bond that nobody should ever take for granted!!

A few seconds later, dh M. arrived to tell me that the jacuzzi was ready when he realized that his 13 year old daughters delivered the baby. He rushed me to the elevator so that I could deliver the placenta, but he didn't make it in time. When I stepped into the elevator, out came the placenta all over the floor. We still can't live that one down!